Mental illnesses are decided by a vote

Jeanne-Stolzer-1…we have to talk about how these diseases get into the DSM in the first place and they’re voted on by the American Psychiatric Association.  It’s very interesting to note that we don’t vote on diabetes or heart disease because there’s markers that indicate that we have a disease.  But with diseases such as ADHD or depression or anxiety, they’re voted into the DSM, and interestingly enough homosexuality was a verifiable disease until 1978 in the DSM, and then they voted it out.  So these types of diseases you can vote in and out and the other thing that we did that made this disease so prevalent in the United States of America is we put it under the American with Disabilities Act, so that schools could receive monies for each child diagnosed.  Parents could receive monies.  And so that was when we saw the skyrocketing of ADHD in this country.

Jeanne Stolzer Ph.D. Professor of Child and Adolescent Development

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