Quote from David Cohen, Ph.D.

David-Cohen-2…what I have to say to doctors is exactly what I would have to say to anybody about psychiatric drugs, psychotropic or psychoactive whatever we  want to call them is very, very complex substances with unpredictable effects, varying over time in different people and within the same person.  Very little information available on how they effect us as bio-psycho-social  beings, how they help us or harm us from making decisions, from being in touch with ourselves, from feeling better, from feeling worse. We don’t know the first things about most drugs on the market.  How they just effect our emotions we have no idea, the anti depressants which are used by one in six women over the age of twelve  as of about 2008.  We have no idea how they really effect people. We don’t have studies like that, all we have is 100’s, 1000’s of studies that tell us they really reduce these depressive symptoms on this scale by that percent.  Then the FDA says “Oh they’re effective” and then they are on the market.  But what they actually do to people, we don’t have a clue.

David Cohen, Ph.D.